We are offering seasonal leased RV lots in 2017 for $4000 / year including utilities and winter storage (with renewal). There is no waiting list, contact us today and move your RV on the weekend!

We are not high pressure sales at Sunset Shores RV resort, located just 40 mins from Edmonton, and we want people to be comfortable with their purchase, so we also offer lot leasing opportunities if a customer wants to try us out.

We are one of the only Edmonton RV resorts to offer leasing as most resorts only allow sales. The choice is yours to lease or to purchase and a lease will give you the benifit or trying it out before you buy. However there are some drawbacks of leasing:

1. Since our priority is to sell the lots, leased lots are still for sale and the leaser may be asked to move sites.
2. Leasing a lot is more expensive on a year by year basis and there is no control on lease increases.
3. Delaying a purchase by a year could cause a higher purchase price of a lot the following year as prices are increased.
4. Delaying a purchase by a year will likely result in your first choice lot being taken by someone else, and you might only get your 2nd or 3r choice of lot the following year.